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Update from Chamber 27/04/2020

Apr 27, 2020

Monday update from Chamber

It has been a busy one at Chamber HQ, as we pick up on the many questions that come in. 

Plenty of comment on the new Phase 2 ‘refinements’ including a 55% reduction in the threshold of those eligible for co-funding support. It means if an employee earns more than £54,558 per year, the employer gets no co-funding – although businesses only found this out on Friday 24th April at 3pm. For many businesses, payroll is already run or about to and renegotiating a wage cut has come too late for the April wage, when this was not hinted as a change from the previous guidance. So many thought they’d be getting assistance, but won’t. We’ve asked questions of Ministers and officers.

Obviously, plenty asking on the lockdown and any relaxing on restrictions. Chamber is working hard to feedback your thoughts to the team in Government working through the challenges, if you have thoughts or questions, let me know, by email and we’ll ensure your voice is heard. Our President Jennifer Carnegie was on the BBC this morning and on ITV tonight, on this very subject. It can never be a choice of Health or Economy, but reasoning and understanding of the facts and being mindful that the safety of lives must always come first.

Today the Chief Minister discussed the start of this process in his press conference. See below to read the statement and watch video.



CM Press Conference today.

Statement from the Chief Minister

And the link to the video of the briefing and the Press Q&A’s is here:


Government begins publishing statistics on COVID-19 related deaths

From today (Monday 27 April), the Government will be proactively publishing daily statistics on the number of Covid-19 related deaths registered with the Office of the Superintendent Registrar.

Routine child vaccinations continue

Parents and carers are being reminded that the routine Childhood Immunisation Programme is continuing its service during the coronavirus pandemic to provide important protection for children.


In other news… 

Highlands College new principal appointed

A teacher who was born and educated in Jersey has been appointed as the Principal of Highlands College.


Valued members Lloyds Bank is reaching out to support our customers and communities by promoting the resources available through their Group on demand learning service. The Lloyds Bank Academy is packed with free online tools to help individuals, charities and businesses unlock the potential of digital, keep up in an increasingly digital workplace and save time. To access the full suite of training on the Academy do click here.

Any services you wish me to mention, that you as Chamber members provide, just send me the details.

The face-to-face aspect of the learning has of course moved to online webinars for the time being: The free live online sessions are delivered by an expert trainer - Click here to find out more about the online trainer-led learning and sign up!

Finally, look out for a few things from Chamber HQ this week - a survey is on the way and on Friday 3-4pm we will have our second live Friday Chamber Webchat, where we will be getting answers to more of your questions and answers to some of those from last time.

It’s another week in paradise, and Monday is out of the way.

Enjoy your evening and I’ll be back tomorrow, with another update.


Murray Norton

Chief Executive


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