Retail & Supply Committee

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The Retail and Supply committee meet monthly, Its purpose is to represent all retailers in Jersey and seek to positively support and encourage a viable and sustainable retail industry within Jersey.

We work with all key stakeholders, groups and government in a consultative, informative and advisory capacity. We are keen to support and work with Jersey Business, Economic Development Tourism, Sport and Culture (EDTSC) and The Retail Association (JRA) in achieving a consistent and joined up approach to developing the retail sector.

We believe the Retail Strategy should reflect current conditions so sound decisions can be made on the potential threats and opportunities that exist for island retailers.

The committee is made up of leading retail and supply industry representatives who come from a variety of businesses across the island.

Meet our Chair

Daphne East

Daphne East

Chair Retail & Supply Committee.

Daphne started her career in the hospitality industry as a chef and worked all over the world including a stint in London for Antony Worrell Thompson as Head Chef at Drones of Pont Street. When Antony opened Metro in Jersey in 1998 he seconded Daphne to Jersey as his Head Chef.

Daphne then opened Cyrano’s in Kensington Place the first Seafood & Fusion Restaurant in Jersey in 1999. After working as Head Chef for over 6 years Daphne decided to leave the hospitality industry and worked as New Product Development and Sales Executive for Cimandis.

Daphne then moved to the UK for 2 years working in New Product Development and Sales for bakeries manufacturing for Marks & Spencer. On her return to Jersey Daphne once again revived her role at Cimandis and moved up the ranks to become Head of Sales for Jersey and Guernsey.

In 2014 Daphne took on the role of Town Centre Manager for the Parish of St Helier and has been instrumental in the formation of the Jersey Retail Association and delivering town centre events. Daphne is also a member of Resilience Matters charity and sits on the Tourism Development Fund board.

In March this year Daphne took on the role of Director of Customer & Care Services at the Parish of St Helier managing all customer focused areas of the parish including St Ewolds Care Home, Westmount Day Nursery, Community Support Team and Front of house services.


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