Executive Council

Working together

Our Executive Council is made up of the Chairs of the seven Chamber Committees, plus the Chief Executive, Treasurer, legal adviser and the Vice President. It is chaired by the President of the Jersey Chamber of Commerce, Eliot Lincoln. As a Council, they provide years of experience and expertise in their various fields of the business community. As a collective group they are responsible for setting the strategic direction for the Jersey Chamber.


Cathy Elliot

Chair Building and Development Committee

Ronnie Isherwood

Ronnie Isherwood

Chair Digital Committee

Justin Clapham Chair Finance Committee

Justin Clapham

Chair Finance Committee


Lorna Pestana

Chair Human Resources Committee

Daphne East

Daphne East

Chair Retail & Supply Committee.

Martina Mc Gibney

Martina McGibney

Chair Transport & Tourism Committee

Adam Vibert, Chair Chamber Connection Committee

Adam Vibert

Chamber Connection Committee.

Jim Hopley

Jim Hopley

Special Advisor to Chamber

Olaf Blakeley

Olaf Blakely

Legal Advisor to Chamber

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Meet our Chair

Jennifer Carnegie

Jennifer Carnegie


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