About Chamber

The largest independent business membership organisation in Jersey.

Established in 1768, we are the largest independent business membership organisation in Jersey, representing businesses of all sizes and sectors.

Our diverse Membership is at the heart of what we do; we ensure Members’ views are heard in Government through our Committees and lobbying work, ultimately; we seek to promote trade and build our Island’s prosperity.

For 255 years, our Members have helped shape the business landscape with great results. We celebrate our heritage and embrace the future; believing our opinions and independent respected voice will continue to bring prosperity and new opportunities for trade and commerce.

Our collective strength ensures Members’ voices are heard. Our diverse membership body and our Committees are made up of some of the finest business minds in the island. Together, we can navigate change and embrace the future by proactively identifying new commercial opportunities for our island.

We host the most well attended regular business networking events in Jersey. Critical briefings and Chamber Lunches continue to be at the heart of the local business communities creating valuable opportunities for people to meet, dialog, connect and network.

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Executive team

The Executive team are your first point of contact on a daily basis, providing Members with a range of services and the opportunity to connect and do business.

Murray Norton

As a former business owner of corner shops, and restaurants, a BBC presenter for 22 years...

Chamber Committees


Executive Council

The Executive Council is autonomous of Government and meets to review matters of interest to the membership.

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Building & Development

This committee consults with governing bodies with the view to ensuring a vibrant construction and development industry.

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Digital Business

This committee seeks to maximise the economic growth of the Island’s growing digital sector.

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This committee meets bi-monthly to promote understanding between the finance industry and the broader objectives of the Chamber of Commerce.

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Retail & Supply

This committee meets monthly with the view of positively supporting and encouraging a viable and sustainable local retail industry.

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Visitor Economy

This committee seeks the opinions of key stakeholders within the transport and tourism industries to help understand the issues facing this vital sector.

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Human Resources

This committee acts in a consultative capacity with a number of private and government bodies during the course of the year.

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Key Milestones


Celebrating 250 years

250 Year Anniversary: Chamber is rebranded and launches a new website


On the Move

After 180 years in the Royal Square, Chamber moves offices to Pier Road


How many people?

Challenged a plan to cap the population at 85,150


Common Market

Concerned over what Britain joining the Common Market would mean for Jersey


Privatising Fort Regent

Supported proposals for private development at Fort Regent


Weighbridge future

Questioned the future of the abattoir at the Weighbridge and its long-term development


Sunday debate

On-going discussions about Sunday trading


Landing an airport deal

Supported plans to extend the Airport runway


More space

Increased pressure to create more car parking space in St Helier to encourage shoppers


Liberation Day holiday?

Considered whether it was appropriate to trade on Liberation Day


Event led tourism

Discussed staging key events such as an International Film Festival


Fort Regent

Questioned the future of Fort Regent


Into Battle

Entered a float into the Battle of Flowers


Airport takes off

Instrumental in the building the airport and acquiring the surrounding land


Margarine wars

Defended the dairy industry over the sale of margarine


Linking the Islands

Raised funds to lay a submarine telegraph between the Channel Islands and England


Pier completion

Organised the completion of Victoria Pier using States funding


Royal HQ

New headquarters set up in the Royal Square in a property gifted to Chamber


Vital communications

Set up the Island’s very first Post Office


Smoking success

Successfully fought against the restrictions placed on tobacco trading



Charter of incorporation was drawn up to help promote the welfare and prosperity of the Chamber


For the workers

Acted for carpenters working on ships, demanding an increase in their wages



Increased the subscription for non-ship owners and introduced fines for non-attendance


Pro trade

Acted against ships having to obtain clearance in Britain



The oldest English speaking Chamber began its journey