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Government Enters Election Period

May 10, 2022

The Government of Jersey has now (Wednesday 11 May 2022) entered an election period and will be conducting its public affairs differently to maintain an impartial election.

From Wednesday 11 May (when nominations open) until 12 July 2022 (when the Council of Ministers is elected) Ministers will retain executive responsibilities, but will observe discretion when initiating any new long-term policies and will restrict the publicity issued in connection with their role as Minister.

Communication activities will avoid competition with candidates for Islanders’ attention and while government officials can provide factual explanations of current government policies, statements and decisions to the media, they must take care not to become involved in election issues in a way that could be considered partisan.

Ministerial quotes in press releases or statements will typically be avoided and press releases and other material will not be sent to States Members during the election period.

Ministers seeking re-election will not be permitted to use government platforms or resources for personal or party-political gains, and every effort will be taken to avoid media interviews or press conferences.

In cases of an emergency, or where there is a genuine need for a Minister-level response to an important event outside the department’s control, it may be necessary for Members holding key Ministerial positions to comment. This could be in urgent response to the continuing management of the pandemic, a threat to public safety or our economic interests, or international attention. Such events will be dealt with cautiously and, on a case-by-case basis.

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