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Draft Programme for Government Plan

Oct 09, 2018

The Council of Ministers has today published a report that explains how the government’s strategic priorities, announced last week, will be developed into costed actions for Ministers’ four year term of office.

The government announced its strategic priorities last week, in the proposed Common Strategic Policy. This report outlines the detailed work that will now be developed into firm proposals for next year’s Government Plan.

The report illustrates how each priority links to the Common Strategic Policy’s common themes and to the Future Jersey outcomes. It also begins to set out the actions that will support each priority and how Ministers can measure the long-term impact of each action.

The Report is a ‘work in progress’ published in the interests of transparency and co-working. It will evolve over the coming months into a programme of work which will become part of Ministers’ Government Plan next year. This Plan will set out in detail how Jersey’s government will use public money to provide day-to-day services as well as to deliver the strategic priorities set out in the Common Strategic Policy.

Chief Minister, Senator John Le Fondré, said: “We are pleased to be able to publish this Report to help islanders and States Members understand how the priorities we set out last week will be developed into firm, costed actions for us to deliver. We want to work in partnership with the States Assembly, parishes and the community to refine our programme of work. 

“This report shows how we will take action to support our ambitions for Jersey, ambitions that are not just a wish list, but achievable priorities that will make a real difference to our island. It also shows how the Common Strategic Policy will feed into our long-term Government Plan, which we will lodge in June next year.”

Common Strategic Policy 2018-2022: draft indicative programme for Government Plan 2020-2023

Common Strategic Policy

Ministers announced their Common Strategic Policy on Wednesday 3 October 2018. It sets out five strategic priorities where ministers will focus their efforts over its four-year term of office:

  • we will put children first
  • we will improve islanders’ wellbeing and mental and physical health
  • we will create a sustainable, vibrant economy and skilled local workforce for the future
  • we will reduce income inequality and improve the standard of living
  • we will protect and value our environment

Government Plan

A new Government Plan is intended to replace the existing Medium Term Financial Plan process, if the States Assembly approves a new Public Finance Law.  The Government Plan would set out in detail how public money will be used to deliver the day-to-day services provided by government and more specifically the strategic priorities and areas for improvement set out in the Common Strategic Policy. It will be completed in draft by early spring 2019, for lodging in summer 2019 and approval by the States Assembly after the summer recess 2019.

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