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Minister’s Proposals to Introduce Road Worthiness Testing for Jersey Motorists to be Reviewed

Sep 26, 2018

The Minister for Infrastructure has announced proposals to introduce legislation that will ensure Jersey complies with the United Nations Vienna Convention on Road Traffic. 

One of the requirements of the Convention is for Jersey to introduce tests to ensure that vehicles less than 40 years old meet minimum standards of roadworthiness. This new legislation will be scrutinised by the Environment, Housing and Infrastructure Panel to assess whether contracting to Vienna is the best option for Jersey, what alternatives there might be, as well as seeking the views of stakeholders such as the motor trade and the general public.

The proposals have been sparked by preparations for Brexit and which, if adopted, will enable Jersey motorists to continue to drive either their own vehicle, or a hire vehicle, in Europe post-Brexit. Nonetheless, the introduction of road worthiness tests are likely to impact on Jersey motorists, which is why The Environment, Housing and Infrastructure Scrutiny Panel will be reviewing the proposed legislation and reporting back to the States Assembly on their findings before the States debate in November.

Connétable Mike Jackson, Chairman of the Environment, Housing and Infrastructure Scrutiny Panel, commented “We are aware that there may be implications resulting from Brexit which could hinder Jersey motorists travelling to Europe which is what has prompted these proposals. However, effective Scrutiny of the proposals is necessary to ensure it is the best solution for Jersey. It’s also important for the Panel to hear the views of Jersey’s motor trade and the general public, so we can better understand any concerns and impact”.

The Panel will write to identified stakeholders, including the Minister for Infrastructure, in order to gather material relevant to its enquiry. The public will also be invited to submit their views. The Panel will publish a Comments paper on its findings before the States debate at the end of November 2018. If you would like to write to the Panel with your views, please email us at

Scrutiny Press Release.

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