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Bass Fishing Reopens Under Tight Regulations

Apr 03, 2019

Recreational anglers and a small number of commercial fishermen will be able to fish for bass again from Monday, 1 April under strict requirements.

Assistant Minister for the Environment, Deputy Gregory Guida has reopened a limited recreational fishery in line with the rest of northern Europe, following analysis of local and regional data that indicates a recovering population.

Fishermen are required by law to adhere to catch limits for key species such as bass. Recreational anglers are permitted to catch one bass per day while a controlled commercial fishing programme, implemented by Marine Resources, will support local inshore commercial boats to fish for bass under a strict management system, which includes detailed reporting requirements. The scheme will be kept under review to monitor its effects on stocks.

Deputy Guida said: “Recreational anglers are obliged to follow the limit of one fish per day, bearing in mind that this popular local fish is still in recovery. Prudent fishing practices are essential in the interests of sustainability and we insist all fishers follow the regulations to protect this species so in the future we can continue to enjoy it.”

In conjunction with Genuine Jersey, a gill tag scheme is in place to promote sustainable hook and line caught fish. Bass will have tags through their mouths and gills reading ‘Jersey line caught bass’ enabling consumers to buy knowing that the fish has come from a local sustainable fishery.

Don Thompson of the Jersey Fishermen’s Association said: “The fishermen have worked hard to come up with a low impact scheme that puts the best quality local fish into the hands of shoppers and diners in the island. We are incredibly proud of Jersey’s fishing heritage and the seafood it produces is some of the best in the world. We hope that islanders visiting the fish mongers and eating out will choose local bass and support our fishing boats.”

For more information visit - Government of Jersey Press Release.

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