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MG360 Tours and Commercial Photography is a photography/videography/360 degree virtual tour business based in Jersey for the purpose of online and social media content for promotions, marketing and advertising of businesses, real estate, influencers and organisations.

360 Degree Virtual Tours, although are primarily used for marketing of properties, due to availability of highly customisable software, has the ability to produce an experience that can be interactive, engaging and educational.

Photographs, videos, information and ecommerce weblinks can all be included inside the tour providing the opportunity to display an online one stop shop. Videography for promotion, marketing and advertising businesses or campaigns through social media can be a powerful tool with bringing eyes to the product.

Planning for advertising/marketing costs is a must as social media platforms have become businesses and organic reach will no longer work. Photography for marketing of businesses, products and real estate through social media, much like video, can be a powerful tool to spread the message.

Depending on return of Investment, photography can be the more appropriate and cost effective method to use.

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