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Review of Sport in Jersey Begins

May 03, 2023

• Review – commissioned by Assistant Minister with responsibility for Sport – is launched into how sports strategy and policy is formulated and delivered

• Report will incorporate a review of the working relationship between the Government of Jersey and Jersey Sport

• Review is being conducted by an independent expert who has been involved in national and international events, including the Olympic Games

An independent review has been launched which will shape the future direction of sport support and provision in Jersey. The terms of reference are:

1. review how the government’s sport and physical activity policy and strategy are formulated and implemented.

2. review if the existing arms-length partner’s structure, organisation, management and delivery remains appropriate, relevant and fit for purpose to meet the Council of Minister’s Common Strategic Policy and ministerial priorities of the MEDTSC.

3. produce a report on the review findings, including recommendations.

The formal review is being conducted by Simon Cooper, who will conduct interviews with key stakeholders, assess key policy documents and, later in the review, invite anyone with an interest to contribute their views.

Until 2019, Mr Cooper was Head of Sport for the Mayor of London with overall responsibility for the Mayor’s sport programme, which comprised two main elements: community sport across London and attracting major sports events to the city. Previously in his career, Mr Cooper was responsible for managing relations between the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and the public bodies, which accounted for more than 95% of the department’s £1 billion budget.

Deputy Lucy Stephenson, Assistant Minister with Responsibility for Sport, said: “This strategic review of the sports delivery landscape is important to understand where we are now, and what changes – if any – we need to make in order to achieve value for money and effectiveness for Islanders. I was particularly keen to ensure it was an independent review by someone without preconceived views on Jersey's sporting set up.

“In Simon, we have someone whose knowledge and experience in the area of sport policy and its development is first class. I want him to act as a critical friend, and for his report to be used to ensure that we have the right structure and resources in place to enable all Islanders to get involved in sport.

“Simon has complete freedom to talk to all parties, and I would seek to reassure anyone who either speaks to him or submits their views during the written consultation that they will be contributing to an important piece of work which will help us to ensure that we are helping Islanders to use sport to improve their wellbeing and our communities, and are doing so in a way that delivers value for money.”

The review comes five years after the establishment of Jersey Sport.

Deputy Stephenson said: “It is good practice to review arm’s length organisations to determine how they are performing against their service level agreement, and to ensure that their work is in line with Government objectives. This is an excellent opportunity to review Jersey Sport in the wider context, and to determine what barriers – if any – there are to achieving the goals set out in Inspiring an Active Jersey.”

The review starts this week, and the report is expected to published in the summer of 2023.

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