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Private Rented Dwellings Licensing Scheme

Nov 18, 2022

The Minister for the Environment, Deputy Jonathan Renouf, has today signalled his intent to put forward proposals for introducing a licensing scheme for the regulation of private rented dwellings.

Deputy Renouf will lodge a proposition aimed at ensuring minimum standards are adhered to and that tenants and their families are living in safe homes.

Under such a scheme, each rented dwelling would require a licence, with government officers able to withhold or withdraw a licence if a property is deemed to be unsafe.

Deputy Renouf said: “We have a significant problem with unsafe and squalid private rented dwellings in Jersey and we simply cannot stand by and allow that to continue. Poor quality housing has knock-on effects in terms of physical and mental health, educational attainment and general life chances and opportunities. I look forward to working with the Jersey Landlords Association and other stakeholders to help develop the proposition in more detail.”

The previous Assembly debated several propositions relating to the regulation of private rented dwellings, including attempts to introduce a licensing scheme. The most recent proposition to introduce a licensing scheme was defeated by a single vote. 

The Minister intends to submit the proposition early in the new year.

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