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Policy Inclusion Framework Published

Nov 16, 2022

The Government of Jersey has today published its Policy Inclusion Framework.

Part of the Council of Ministers’ 100 Day Plan to set out how government can better engage with Islanders, the Policy Inclusion Framework is a key outcome of an internal Engagement and Information Improvement review carried out by officers. 

The review examined how data and information can be improved so that information on government services and policy is provided more effectively. The findings will be published, in full, in November 2022.

The Policy Inclusion Framework consists of good practice guidance for policy engagement. Its purpose is to help government officials, such as policy officers, ensure that decisions are more sensitive and responsive to the concerns of both the wider community and lesser heard voices. 

The Policy Inclusion Framework builds on other actions in the 100 Day Plan, including the development of participation standards for children and young people and the establishment of an Older Persons Living Forum to ensure that both groups of Islanders have a say on matters that affect them and the Island as a whole.

The Chief Minister, Deputy Kristina Moore, said: “The Policy Inclusion Framework fits within an overall model for engagement which is being developed to ensure that Government is open, accountable and transparent. 

“Public engagement is key to creating solutions that are robust and responsive to our community’s needs. This is not only good practice, but key to building trust with Islanders and delivering better outcomes.”

Deputy Lucy Stephenson, Assistant Chief Minister with responsibility for Government Communications, said: “The Framework provides structure and guidance for who, when and how to engage with the public on policy matters, as well as resources and tools to assist Government officials in designing effective, inclusive and accessible engagement strategies. This will ultimately support the development of policy that is more responsive to Islanders’ concerns.”

The proposals will be subject to a full public consultation prior to the Framework being implemented in early 2023.

By publishing the Policy Inclusion Framework, the Government is acting on the States of Jersey decision under paragraph (b) of P.65/2022 to establish and publish "clear, agreed criteria for the preparation of initial consultations on policy or legislative proposals and detailed proposals for legislation".

The Policy Inclusion Framework is available here.

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