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Ministerial Review of the Jersey Care Model

Dec 01, 2022

The Minister for Health and Social Services has today published her Ministerial Review into the Jersey Care Model.

Following her review, Deputy Karen Wilson has concluded that 21 of the services under the JCM will carry on as they are, as they are providing the foundations to transforming the Jersey health and care system.

A further nine will be adapted to ensure they support her Ministerial Priority to deliver safe, high-quality patient-centred care.

Deputy Wilson has decided to stop one of the services – the Supportive Services project – as a similar piece of work is already being undertaken by Customer and Local Services. 

The Jersey Care Model as a term and programme will end; however, those services and projects that fell under it will continue independently.

Deputy Wilson paused the JCM on becoming Minister so that she could review the programme and gain a greater understanding of what it was intended to achieve and what it had accomplished to date. She also wanted to review the programme’s funding to see if it continued to align with what was agreed by the States Assembly in 2020.

Since July, Deputy Wilson has been provided with details about the 31 services which made up the JCM, including information about the investment so far, activities and services implemented, and the timeframe for delivery. 

Information about how the services aligned with the key objectives of person-centred care, the strengthening of preventative services, improving Islanders’ health outcomes, and moving services out of the General Hospital into the community was included as part of the review. Feedback from patients and service users who access existing services was also considered.

Deputy Wilson concluded that much of the work planned or already underway is providing the foundations needed to make the significant changes required to transform Jersey’s healthcare system. 

As many of the services have only been running for short period of time or have not yet started, it is not possible to conclude whether they are providing the financial benefits set out in the original JCM business case. The Minister has asked for a formal evaluation of each service to be carried out as soon as they are fully established. 

Deputy Wilson said: “It was apparent when I stood for election that there was strong public criticism of the Jersey Care Model. This criticism stemmed from confusion about what the programme was and why it was needed, concerns about cost, and questions about how the changes would benefit Islanders. 

“On becoming Minister, I wanted to investigate these concerns to make sure that what was being introduced would help provide Jersey with high-quality health and care services. 

“What I’ve found is that the majority of services will play a large part in helping to transform our health and care system. However, from this review alone I cannot be assured that the financial assumptions made in the original JCM business case will be realised. As such, I have asked for a more formal evaluation of each service to assure Ministers, the States Assembly, and the public that their delivery is in line with anticipated financial and non-financial outcomes. 

“In the future we will stop using the name the Jersey Care Model, which has proven to be confusing to many, and does not adequately represent the investment made by the States Assembly. Each project should be considered on its own merit as a service development, rather than as part of a model.”

Click here to read the full report. 

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