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Legal Change Prompts Campaign to Protect Non-Profit Organisations

Jan 27, 2023

A campaign has been launched to outline greater protection for Jersey’s non-profit organisations, including charities, to prevent them from being abused to inadvertently fund terrorist organisations.

The Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC) is leading the engagement campaign, which includes online guidance, drop-in sessions, and direct contact with those NPOs considered most vulnerable to misuse by terrorists.

The law governing NPOs first came into force in 2008 and, after a year of consultation with the sector and other agencies, changes to the Non-Profit Organisations (Jersey) Law 2008 came into effect this month. The changes mean that the small number of NPOs that raise or send money outside Jersey, 

Guernsey, Isle of Man, England, Wales and Scotland are now subject to additional obligations. They also mean more NPOs are expected to register with the JFSC, which is free and can be done online.

The Minister for External Relations and Financial Services, Deputy Philip Ozouf, said: “Globally, it is recognised that NPOs, including registered charities, may be exploited in order to raise and move funds to support terrorist activity. Jersey is proud to have a thriving and diverse NPO sector, and we must endeavour to protect it from terrorist exploitation, both as a critical component of our continued fight against terrorism and to preserve the integrity of the sector and the trust of our donor community.”

Guidance, including an infographic, has been published on the JFSC’s website:

Drop-in sessions are being held every Tuesday between 21 February and 14 March from midday to 2pm at Jersey Library’s Godfray Room. Anyone can come to the sessions and speak to representatives from the JFSC, Government of Jersey, and Jersey Charity Commissioner.

The JFSC is directly contacting the small number of NPOs which are considered to be more exposed to the risk of exploitation by terrorists because they raise or send money outside Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, England, Wales and Scotland.

The Director of Financial Crime Strategy for the Government of Jersey, George Pearmain, said: “The JFSC are contacting the small number of NPOs which they consider to be the most at risk, and if anyother NPO believes that they are at risk, they should contact the JFSC. There is nothing to be concerned about – the commission will explain the requirements and answer any questions.”

“The aim is to ensure that NPOs are protected from attempts to divert funds away from their intended purposes, while at the same time making sure that any additional measures do not interrupt the valuable work that they are doing.”

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