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I&E Marks International Zero Waste Day

Mar 30, 2023

• Campaign launched to increase awareness of waste reduction

• Promotes sustainable consumption

• Supports island’s drive to become carbon net zero

Today, on International Zero Waste Day, the Infrastructure and Environment department is launching a campaign aimed at increasing Islanders’ awareness about waste reduction. 

The ‘NOT a load of rubbish’ campaign highlights that Jersey produces over 100,000 tonnes of waste every year (recyclable and non-recyclable waste), equalling around one tonne of waste per Islander. 

The campaign aims to promote sustainable consumption as carbon emissions are associated with the production of materials, their transportation, and the management of waste materials when they are disposed of. A reduction in waste would mean less being burnt at the Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) and support the Island’s journey to becoming carbon net zero.

A breakdown of the average household bin (non-recycled) waste:

• Kitchen – 35%

• Paper and card – 23%

• Plastic – 14%

• Garden – 7% 

• Other – 7%

• Textiles – 4%

• Metals – 4%

• Glass – 4%

• Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) – 2%

The eco active team is planning a series of engagement sessions to run throughout April and have already had sessions with eco active members and the Comite des Connétables about the importance of waste reduction. Educational social media posts and videos will also be shared throughout the campaign.

Businesses are encouraged to carry out a waste audit to help them understand what waste they produce and how to promote a more sustainable workplace. For more information about waste audits, visit:

Organisations and Islanders who would like to get involved in the campaign or would like more information should get in touch with the eco active team at [email protected]. Local organisations including the COOP are supporting the campaign by encouraging their customers to reduce the amount they waste. 

Minister for Environment, Deputy Jonathan Renouf, said: “This campaign aims to encourage Islanders to look at the way they consume, and consider ways to reduce the amount of waste they produce both at work and at home. 

“The production of pollution and waste is amongst the biggest challenges we face, and a lot of it can be tackled by looking at our throwaway economy. I hope Islanders engage with this awareness campaign and start to implement little steps that can make a big difference in the long-term.”

Jane Burns, Sustainability and Climate Change Engagement Manager, said: “As we journey towards carbon net zero as outlined in our Carbon Neutral Roadmap, our priorities should be about preventing waste and reusing what we already have. Recycling is often seen as the solution but to really make a difference we need to become more knowledgeable on waste and reduce the amount we buy in the first place.

“There are so many carbon emissions associated with buying new, especially as an Island it means that most items that are sold have been imported in, which counts under our Scope 3 emissions. 

“I would really like to encourage Islanders to spend some time educating themselves about the waste hierarchy today on International Zero Waste Day or over the next month as we run this campaign to increase awareness. Remember the waste hierarchy is reduce first, reuse what you’ve got, and then recycle as the last option.”

To view the poster click here

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