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Work Permit Holder Scrutiny Review Panel Formed to Address Questions of Welfare

Feb 09, 2023

A new Scrutiny Review Panel has formed to scrutinise the welfare of Work Permit holders coming to the Island to live and work.

The Work Permit Holder Welfare Review Panel consists of Deputy Beatrix Porée, who has taken the role as Scrutiny Review Panel Chair, Connétable Marcus Troy, Deputy Lyndsay Feltham, Deputy Montfort Tadier; and Deputy Mary Le Hegarat.

During its most recent meeting, the Work Permit Holder Welfare Review Panel agreed their objectives. These include: 

• Examining Jersey’s Work Permit Policy to determine its effectiveness in ensuring the welfare of work permit holders and protecting work permit holders from exploitation.

• Providing guidance in relation to supplementary employment, variation of employment contracts, termination of employment, accommodation and employment disputes. 

• Identifying and assessing the welfare obligations placed on employers of work permit holders and examining any relevant guidance or support provided by the Government and any relevant legislation.

• Examining how the fulfilment of the obligations set out for employers is reviewed. 

• Identifying and assessing the financial obligations that employers and work permit holders have to the Government; and any Government services or benefits available or not available to temporary work permit holders. 

• Identifying and considering temporary work permit holder protection practices in other relevant jurisdictions. 

Furthermore, the Review Panel decided that greater clarity is needed on the entire process of obtaining a Jersey work permit, including the relationship between Jersey work permits and UK visas and whether sufficient information is provided to applicants during the application process. 

The Review Panel has agreed to organise Public Hearings with the relevant Ministers,departments and stakeholders to question them on issues relevant to the objectives laid out above. In addition to this, there will be a public survey carried out in order to gather evidence from Work Permit Holders as to their welfare. 

Chair of the Work Permit Holder Welfare Review Panel, Deputy Beatrix Porée, said: "We hope that a thorough review of the welfare of Work Permit holders will ensure those coming to our Island for short term work contracts can live and work in favourable and fair conditions. We also hope that this review will generate greater clarity concerning the processes involved in attaining, and living with, a work permit, for all stakeholders. The Panel welcomes all those who have views or evidence relevant to the remit of this review to contact a member of the Panel.”

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