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Sunday Trading (Regulation of Opening and Deliveries) (Jersey) Law 2010: Sunday Trading Reforms: Law drafting instructions

Jul 03, 2019

A decision made 27 June 2019:

Decision Reference: MD-E-2019-0031
Decision Summary Title :
Sunday Trading Reform Instructions
Date of Decision Summary:
Decision Summary Author:
Policy Principal
Decision Summary:
Public or Exempt?
Type of Report:
Oral or Written?
Person Giving 
Oral Report:
Written Report 
Title :
2019.06.20 Sunday Trading Instructions 
Date of Written Report:
Written Report Author:
Policy Principal
Written Report :
Public or Exempt?
QE Art 35
(SD’s also Exempt
QE Arts 32 and 35)
Subject: Shops (Regulation of Opening and Deliveries) (Jersey) Law 2010: Law Drafting Instructions to Achieve Sunday Trading Reforms
Decision(s): The Minister approved law drafting instructions concerning proposed revisions to the permit system for retail trading by larger shops on Sundays and certain other specified days. 
Reason(s) for Decision: 
The Minister was satisfied that the case for pursuing reform of the Shops (Regulation of Opening and Deliveries) (Jersey) Law 2010 was strong, in the longer term economic interest of the Island and that the proposed reforms as set out in the appended drafting instructions reflected his position. 
Resource Implications: 
No direct resource implications at this stage beyond the engagement of policy and law drafting capacity.  
Action required: 
Policy Principal to forward the approved instructions to the Law Drafting Office and report back to the Minister regularly regarding the development of the necessary draft amending legislation.  
Minister for Economic Development, Tourism, Sport and Culture
Date Signed:
Date of Decision (If different from Date Signed)

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