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Strategies for Arts and Heritage Approved

Dec 24, 2021

The Council of Ministers has approved the new strategies for both Jersey’s arts and heritage, put forward by Assistant Minster with Responsibility for Arts, Culture and Heritage, Deputy Kirsten Morel.

Although developed in parallel, the strategies are distinct in their scope, focus and ambitions.

The Arts Strategy highlights the ways that arts and culture can contribute to the enhancement of all aspects of Island life and Government policy, and the wider impact on health and wellbeing, Island identity, international relations, education and economic development of a growing arts sector.

The Heritage Strategy provides a framework which aims to help Islanders understand, value and enjoy Jersey’s unique and precious heritage assets, as well as ensuring that Government can fulfil its obligations to protect and manage the Island’s heritage assets as per the international treaties to which we belong.

Both strategies seek to bring stakeholder groups together, the Arts Strategy via the Creative Island Partnership, and the Heritage Strategy via the Heritage Forum.

Deputy Morel said: “The States have committed one percent of Jersey’s net revenue expenditure to arts, heritage and culture each year. These frameworks provide a meaningful sense of direction to ensure that the uplift in Government spending will be used efficiently, effectively and for the benefit of all, not just those engaged in these sectors.

“Both strategies emphasise the importance of developing career paths in both the arts and heritage management, as well as the importance of aligning the sectors by providing a common purpose to do with the flourishing and wellbeing of all Jersey residents. It is great news that they have been fully endorsed by the Council of Ministers, and work now begins on their practical implementation.”

Greater detail about how the strategies will be utilised will be set out at a launch event in the new year.

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