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States Meeting Summary 29 April

May 02, 2022

Swearing in of the Greffier

Mrs Lisa Hart was officially sworn in as the new Greffier of the States after the States Assembly unanimously approved her appointment on Thursday.

Urgent oral question

Senator Mézec asked the Minister for Treasury and Resources, Deputy Susie Pinel, the following urgent oral question: “Given the Assembly adopted the first amendment to the Government Plan 2022-25, which agreed to reduce the social housing rental cap from 90% of the market rate to 80% from 1st January this year, why does the new Memorandum of Understanding (published in R.56/2022) state that the rent policy is still to charge 90% of the market rate?”

To hear the Minister’s answer and supplementary questions from States Members, skip to 10 minutes into this morning’s States Meeting.

Public business 

Allocation of 2021 Channel Islands Lottery proceeds 

The Assistant Minister for Economic Development, Tourism, Sport and Culture, Deputy Morel, proposed to allocate the £977,709 of proceeds from ticket sales of the 2021 Channel Islands Lottery to the Association of Jersey Charities and Jersey Community Foundation. The Assistant Minister specified that proceeds allocated to the Association of Jersey Charities should be distributed solely to registered charities and, of proceeds allocated to Jersey Community Foundation, 40% should be for arts, culture and heritage; 40% for sports and active lifestyle; and 20% for applied science or applied research.

The States Assembly unanimously voted to APPROVE the proposition.

Public sector employment contracts

Deputy Higgins proposed that, from 1 September 2022, employment contracts for all States’ employees should prohibit:

  • Lying, obstructing, misleading or attempting to mislead a Minister, the States Assembly, Scrutiny or a non-Executive States Members about any aspect of the employee’s work;
  • Covering up any matter that could financially damage or disrepute the States of Jersey; and
  • That the above should be punishable by termination of employment without any compensation or compromise agreements.

In addition, the proposition requested an independent review of disciplinary policies and procedures, and an amnesty by which employees can own up to any past lies, obstructions or misleading statements by 31 August 2022.

The States Assembly voted on part a, part b and part c of the proposition separately, all of which were REJECTED. In turn, part d and part e fell away.

Carbon Neutral Roadmap

To begin this afternoon’s meeting, Assistant Minister for the Environment, Deputy Jess Perchard, asked the States Assembly to approve the Carbon Neutral Roadmap in response to the climate emergency and its likely effects on Jersey. The proposition also requested that, at the start of the next political term, the Chief Minister considers creating a Minister for Energy and Climate Change.

This was proposed as amended by the Environment, Housing and Infrastructure Scrutiny Panel’s amendment, as amended by the Minister for the Environment.

Scrutiny’s amendment requested that the Minister for the Environment or, if created, the new Minister for Energy and Climate Change, establishes an independent, scientific Climate Council to keep the Government of Jersey on track to meet its climate objectives.

The States Assembly voted to APPROVE the proposition, as amended. 35 Members voted in favour, and one voted against.

Collection of Parishes’ green waste

The Connétable of St. Brelade proposed that green waste should be collected from households free of charge to the Parish, as part of the Parishes’ dedicated household kerbside collection scheme. It was proposed as amended by the Minister for Infrastructure, meaning that Parishes would still be charged for the collection of commercial green waste.

The States Assembly voted to APPROVE the Connétable’s proposition, as amended. 37 Members voted in favour and one abstained.

Compromise and non-disclosure agreements

Deputy Higgins withdrew his proposition requesting that legislation is introduced to prohibit the States Employment Board or any Government body from entering into compromise or non-disclosure agreements with any employee unless the agreement is signed off by the Comptroller and Auditor General (C&AG).

Technology Accelerator Fund 

On behalf of the Council of Ministers, the Chief Minister proposed the establishment of the Technology Accelerator Fund to support the Island’s future economy, speed up progress on environmental and social goals, and strengthen Jersey’s technological eco-system.

The States Assembly voted to APPROVE the Council of Ministers’ proposition. 28 Members voted in favour and 12 voted against.

The States Assembly has adjourned until Monday 9 May 2022, when it will meet for the final time of this political term to mark the 77th anniversary of Jersey’s Liberation.

Recording of the morning’s States Meeting. Recording of the afternoon’s States Meeting.

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