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Review of proposed changes to the Migration Policy

Jan 20, 2021

Scrutiny’s newly formed Migration and Population Review Panel will consider and make recommendations in relation to changes the Island’s Migration Control Policy proposed by the Chief Minister.

The Panel will apply a phased approach to the review. Phase 1 will deliver a high-level assessment of the suggested amendments to the Control of Housing and Work (Jersey) Law 2012 against the findings and recommendations of the Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel’s report on population and migration and the Migration and Policy Development Board’s report.

Subsequent phases of the Panel’s review will be guided by the timeframes for the Government’s action on each part of the proposition, with the review expected to last until the Assembly is dissolved for the 2022 General Election. This will give the Panel the opportunity to examine each respective area in detail through targeted reviews.

Senator Steve Pallett, the Panel’s Chair, highlights “The proposed changes to the Island’s Migration Policy will potentially have considerable impacts on Jersey’s future and on the lives of those who want to live and work here. These impacts include future tax revenue, the requirement for additional housing and infrastructure and on our cherished environment. It is therefore vital that States Members and Islanders fully understand the implications of these proposed changes, and whether they are fit for purpose.”

The Migration and Population Review Panel will be holding a public hearing with relevant Ministers and will publish its findings and recommendations in time for the Chief Minister’s proposition (P.137/2020) to be debated. Members of the public can stay up to date by following the States Assembly social media feeds.

Scrutiny Press Release.

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