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Report on Government Workplace Culture Published

Sep 06, 2021

A report examining the Government of Jersey's strategy, policies and procedures, with a specific focus on bullying and harassment, exit interviews, and disciplinary and culture, has been published by the Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel. The report outlines how, whilst significant steps have been taken to improve such policies and procedures, it highlights key areas of concern which must become a priority for the States Employment Board, Ministers and Government.

The Panel's report details 41 key findings, amongst which include:

  • The States Employment Board lacks transparency, coherent strategy and consistent implementation of policies and procedures

  • Optional training on discrimination, including bullying and harassment, for managers and employees conflicts with the Government of Jersey's desired culture

  • Whilst the HR Lounge report has been taken seriously and most actions implemented, the launch of a new Grievance Procedure, due in early 2021, has yet to be introduced

  • Team Jersey's 'get on the train or get left behind' messaging has alienated employees

  • Work morale has been negatively affected in some departments by the implementation of the One Gov initiatives, the benefits of which are yet to be realised

  • There is a concerning level of staff turnover, and staff morale and wellbeing is worryingly low in some departments, particularly Health

The Panel made 24 recommendations to the States Employment Board, including that:

  • Discrimination training must be made mandatory immediately

  • A policy agenda must be published by the end of 2021, and ad-hoc reviews of policy implementation must be completed on a quarterly basis to reduce inconsistencies

  • A code of conduct must be adopted by the senior leadership team before the end of 2021

  • The appointment of the new Chief Executive should be delayed until after the 2022 elections

  • Team Jersey should be replaced by an alternative training programme to combat the low morale within the Government's workforce

Chair of the Panel, Senator Kristina Moore, said "This review was prompted by a significant number of concerns raised with members of the Panel regarding the culture within the Government of Jersey and the impact it was having on staff morale and retention rates. As the largest employer in the Island, it is imperative that our recommendations are actioned so that those who serve the public of Jersey can do so within a healthy culture."

All the Panel's key findings and recommendations can be read in full in its report.

Scrutiny Press Release.

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