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Recently Recovered Previous Positive Policy Reintroduced

Jan 12, 2022

Islanders who recovered from a confirmed COVID-19 infection in the past 28 days will be classed as a Recently Recovered Previous Positive (RP).

This means that people who have tested positive in the preceding 28 days will not be identified as Direct Contacts and will have second positive PCR test results disregarded if they do not have COVID-19 symptoms.

Under the Safer Travel Policy, passengers who declare and can evidence testing positive in the preceding 28 days before arrival will not be required to have a PCR test on arrival and isolate until result. The policy remains that passengers who have tested positive in the preceding 10 days, or have COVID-19 symptoms, must not travel to Jersey.

If an individual develops new symptoms of COVID-19 after recovering from a previous infection, they must isolate and arrange a PCR test. Any subsequent positive test result following new symptoms will be treated as a new infection.

Deputy Medical Officer for Health, Dr Ivan Muscat, said: “Returning to the 28-day clear period for those who have recovered from a confirmed positive COVID-19 infection, as we did early last summer, is appropriate and in line with our current understanding of the situation in Jersey.

“This change which will reduce the risk of inactive viruses leading to unnecessary disruption at the border and on-Island; and best reflects our understanding of Omicron’s increased dominance in the UK and Jersey, as well as our further understanding of the protection afforded by natural infection and recovery from the previous variants which predominated more than 28 days ago.

“However, I must remind Islanders that natural infection is by no means a better alternative to vaccination. We continue to encourage Islanders who are not fully vaccinated to get vaccinated. This includes those who have had an infection in the past. A minimum interval of four weeks to vaccination is required after you receive a positive test result.

“We will continue to monitor the developing situation in Jersey, and as such policies are likely to continue to adapt. We may return to the 90-day period when, as anticipated, Omicron has been dominant for a sufficient period of time and we have more information.”

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