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Population Estimate for 2018 Released

Jun 21, 2019

Jersey's resident population at the end of 2018 was estimated as 106,800

The latest report shows that:

  • during the year 2018 the resident population increased by 1,200 people
    • net inward migration accounted for 1,100 of the increase
    • natural growth (the excess of births over deaths) accounted for 100 of the increase
  • total net inward migration of 1,100 comprised of approximately:
    • 400 net inward 'licensed' employees and their dependents
    • 700 net inward 'registered' employees and their dependents
  • during the last 10 years, the resident population has increased by 11,400 people
  • net migration has accounted for almost four-fifths (78%) of the total population growth over the last 10 years

Jersey resident population estimate 2018 report

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