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New guidance issued for landlords and tenants

Sep 30, 2020

Updated guidance to enable landlords and tenants to manage rent arrears and the ends of tenancies has been issued today (Wednesday, 30 September), following the reinstatement of the full Residential Tenancy (Jersey) Law 2011.

Aspects of the law were suspended on 10 April, as part of Government measures in response to the Covid-19 lockdown, and temporary regulations put in place to protect Islanders facing financial hardship and eviction.

The temporary measures have now expired, and landlords can again terminate a tenancy for rent arrears. The updated guidelines give a framework, which landlords and tenants are encouraged to use, for reaching an agreement on rent arrears and ending tenancy agreements before any legal action is taken.

The Minister for Children and Housing, Senator Sam Mézec, said: “The emergency tenancy legislation was introduced during lockdown to protect tenants from financial hardship and to protect the Island’s health by reducing the number of people being forced to move house. 

“The Court has wide powers to rule on tenancy matters, so it’s important that both landlords and tenants know and understand their rights and obligations for ending tenancies, and the correct way to seek an eviction. I would urge anyone who is in rental accommodation, or who is letting private property, to review the guidelines before taking any action, and to bear in mind that further support is always available from Citizens Advice and Environmental Health.”

The full set of guidelines are available on

Anyone who believes they are being evicted illegally, can contact Environmental Health for assistance 

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