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Motor industry asked for views on vehicle inspections

Nov 30, 2020

Members of Jersey’s motor industry are being invited to give their views on Periodic Technical Inspections (PTIs) for all cars and motorcycles.

PTIs are being introduced under the Vienna Convention for Road Traffic to which Jersey has become a signatory so that, post-Brexit, Islanders can continue driving in the EU. Under the convention, signatory countries must ensure that all vehicles on their roads meet minimum safety standards, and PTIs ensure that Jersey vehicles adhere to those standards.

Today (Monday 30 November) an independent consultation has been launched with the objectives of:

  • giving Jersey’s motor industry the opportunity to make an informed contribution to the plans for the introduction of PTI testing;
  • determining whether the industry has the appetite, capacity, capability and resources to deliver PTIs, regulated under licence, on behalf of Government; and
  • assessing the impact that the different options could have on the industry.

Once PTIs are introduced, all cars which are more than five years old will be inspected every three years to ensure they meet basic safety standards, and three-year-old motorcycles and mopeds will be inspected every two years.

The Minister for Infrastructure, Deputy Kevin Lewis, said: “However the inspections are run, they will bring greater safety to Jersey’s roads by ensuring that all cars and bikes meet minimum standards for safety.

“DVS began inspecting light motorcycles and minibuses in 2019, and this consultation will help determine whether Government inspects cars and larger motorbikes as well, or whether the private sector are involved.

“This is the next step in meeting our commitments to the Vienna Convention which the Island became a signatory of in 2019, and which will ensure that Jersey motorists are free to drive in Europe post-Brexit as well as increasing vehicle safety within the Island.”

The consultation, which is being run by Jersey consulting company Prosperity 24/7, closes on Friday 11, December 2020.

Further information can be found on the Prosperity 24/7 website.

Government of Jersey News Release.

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