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Importing goods from the EU

Jan 19, 2021

Islanders are being reminded that customs declarations will be required for unaccompanied personal goods imported from the EU, following the UK’s departure from the European Union.

Following the Brexit deal agreed at the end of 2020, Jersey is now part of the UK Customs Union, meaning there will no longer be free movement of goods between the EU and Jersey, despite the UK-EU Free Trade Agreement. Free movement of goods between Jersey and the UK will continue.

This means that that a customs declaration will be required for all personal goods imported from the EU into Jersey, as this is a legal requirement of being part of the UK Customs Union.

Jersey Customs and Immigration (JCIS) is reminding Islanders that if they are importing goods from the EU, they may be required to prove that the item/s have originated from within the EU through their declaration. Goods proven to originate in the EU, will not be liable to customs duties, however products sent from the EU but originating elsewhere may be subject to import tariffs.

Islanders who are bringing unaccompanied personal goods into Jersey from the EU will need to complete a customs declaration, prior to the goods being released. More information is available online at How to classify your goods.

All goods, regardless of origin, with a value of over £135 will be subject to import GST.

Mark Cockerham; Head of JCIS: “Following the end of the transition period for Brexit, Jersey is now part of a new Customs Union with the UK as opposed to the EU. This means that for all imports from the UK, which covers the majority of movement of the Island’s goods, there are no Customs tariffs applied and clearly this is desirable.

“However, this means that there will be increased administration when importing personal items from the EU, as this will now involve additional customs clearance which is a legal requirement as being part of the UK/Jersey Customs Union, as a result of Brexit.”

Government of Jersey News Release.

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