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Economic indicators - 13 Jan 2021

Jan 13, 2021

Statistics Jersey have today published their latest economic indicators report. This monthly report is a continuation of the previously published series of weekly economic indicators, now produced on a less frequent basis. The aim of these reports is to provide economic information to decision makers, businesses and members of the public during the COVID 19 pandemic. 


On 3 January 2021

  • there were 6,040 active Income Support claims, 410 more than a year earlier (31 December 2019). This latest number of claims provided support for:
    • 7,650 adults 
    • 3,150 children
  • under Phase Three and Three+ of the Government Co-Funded Payroll Scheme over £13.8 million had been paid out for a total 3,460 claims for September, October and November 2020
  • in total the Visitor Accommodation Support Scheme has seen over £600,000 paid out for a total of 40 claims for October and November 2020
  • public transport usage was 75% lower than a year earlier 

On 31 December 2020

  • around 60 loans had been approved under the Business Disruption Loan Guarantee Scheme; the total amount of loans approved was £3,388,700, of which £3,358,700 had been drawn down

On 18 December 2020

  • there were 46 residential properties transacted through the Royal Court, 26 of which were eligible to be included in the Jersey House Price Index (HPI)
  • In total during 2020, essentially the same number of HPI eligible properties (995 transactions) were transacted through the Royal Court compared with 2019 (991 transactions)

Read the full report

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