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New Tanker Import Facility at Bellozanne

Jul 27, 2021

A new Tanker Import Facility (TIF) has been constructed and begun operating at Bellozanne as part of the overall Sewage Treatment Works (STW) project.

The modern purpose-built facility, which replaces the old tanker discharge unit, receives liquid waste from properties that are not connected to the sewerage system, or from infrastructure maintenance operations. It is designed to reduce odour generation and improve the STW performance.

Liquid waste received at the TIF is treated and then pumped into the STW Inlet Works for full treatment.

The new TIF and its take-over by the Liquid Waste team has introduced the following immediate benefits:

  • flow regulation of liquid waste prevents shock loads to the existing STW process
  • accommodates a range of waste types and provides preliminary treatment (screening and grit removal) before discharging flows to the STW Inlet Works
  • odour controlled tanker discharge building and standalone odour treatment plant minimises odour generation from the site

The Minister for Infrastructure, Deputy Kevin Lewis, said: “The construction of the new sewage treatment works has progressed well despite the challenges posed by Covid-19. The plan is for the main Sewage Treatment Works to be completed in its entirety by October 2023, but I am pleased that our Liquid Waste team has already been able to take over the new Tanker Import Facility.

“It has already provided many immediate benefits, including the reduction of odour from the site and improved protection to users and operators.

“Similarly, I expect the other parts of the new Sewage Treatment Works will be constructed and brought into use in a phased approach, to provide further immediate benefits to the local community.”

Government of Jersey News Release.

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