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Citizens' Assembly third content block

Apr 22, 2021

Citizens’ Assembly to make recommendations for Jersey’s carbon neutrality aim

Jersey’s Citizens’ Assembly on climate change have completed their third content block, focusing on emissions from heating, cooking and cooling in homes and businesses; and sustainable finance.

Following presentations from technical experts and business stakeholders, participants discussed the issues in groups and engaged in Q&A sessions with the presenters.

This series of sessions concluded the learning part of the Citizens’ Assembly. In the final block of sessions next month, participants will finalise their recommendations for their report to the States Assembly.

Chair-Convenor of the Citizens’ Assembly, Emelita Robbins, commented: “Heating, cooking and cooling is the second largest contributor of Scope 1 emissions on Jersey, after transport, and one that relates to all of our everyday lives. Hearing from on-Island energy providers about the impacts and opportunities to arise from the shift away from fossil fuels was of particular interest to participants.

“There was also a lively discussion on sustainable finance, including the important role it plays in the Island’s economy and the need to recognise the global carbon emissions resulting from its activities.

“As the Citizens’ Assembly moves towards refining their recommendations, I continue to be impressed by the level of commitment and dedication participants have shown to this incredibly complex subject. Everyone is engaging in the process, asking thought-provoking questions of presenters, and respecting each other’s thoughts and opinions. It’s extremely heartening to see the participatory process at work.”

All of the speaker presentations and factsheets are available on Jersey’s Climate Conversation website.

Once all 14 sessions have concluded, the Citizens’ Assembly will present a set of recommendations as to how Jersey can achieve its goal to become carbon neutral in a report to the States Assembly in early June.

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