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JCRA - Annual Mobile Mast Audit

Aug 16, 2021

Annual Mobile Mast Audit Scheduled for September

Emissions from mobile phone masts in Jersey will be tested next month to make sure they comply with internationally agreed safe levels. 

The Jersey Competition Regulatory Authority (The Authority) conducts an annual review in line with its published prioritisation principles, and has commissioned specialist independent engineers to carry out the work. 

Specialists from Freshwave will be in the Island in September to evaluate predetermined sites in both urban and rural areas. 

Standards are laid down by the International Commission for Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). ICNIRP emission standards are recognised by the World Health Organisation and are used within the EU and other regions as a benchmark against which to measure the safety of radio-frequency emissions. 

Tim Ringsdore, CEO at the Authority said, “This is an important part of our work. The ICNIRP emissions standards and guidelines are very clear and form part of the Licence conditions for operators offering mobile phone services in the Island. It’s our job to make sure those standards are being met and this is a critical part of our work to give people peace of mind that our mobile networks are meeting internationally agreed safety levels.” 

The audit also examines safety processes and procedures to ensure compliance with local health and safety legislation. The results of the audit, which should be available in November, will be published at and will be available in hard copy on request.

JCRA Media Release. 

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