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Randalls Set To Acquire Wildfire

Randalls Limited announces the proposed acquisition of the prominent St Helier Bar and Restaurant

The local pub and wholesaling company Randalls has announced its plans to acquire Wildfire which will bring their total number of outlets it now operates in Jersey to 48. The deal is currently subject to JCRA approval.

Randalls Limited Managing Director Gavin Reid said "This is wonderful opportunity for Randalls to further strengthen our estate with this premier Town venue and subsequently offer our numerous Loyalty Card holders improved diversity when looking to redeem or be rewarded with Loyalty points. This outlet has its own unique identity and we will be looking to further enhance this, while maintaining its well-established core business of great steaks and cocktails.

Gavin Reid added "Should JCRA approval be given then it is likely the deal will be completed in time for the end of the Summer 2022”.

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