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Two RBC employees win trip of a lifetime in recognition of their local volunteer efforts

Channel Islands, 30 July 2019 – Two RBC employees in the Channel Islands have returned from once-in-a-lifetime experiences in Kenya after winning the company’s Global Citizenship Awards in recognition of their local community involvement. The trip was sponsored by RBC in partnership with the international development organisation ‘Me to We’.

The RBC Global Citizenship Award was established in Canada in 2016 and expanded globally last year. The award recognises employees who selflessly donate their time, energy and resources to drive positive change in their communities. Jersey’s Allison Caldeira and Guernsey’s Kelly Burdett were the first Channel Islanders to receive these awards, in 2018 and 2019, respectively. Both of the winners travelled to Kenya and took part in various community projects including building a dormitory for a girl’s school alongside other RBC’ers from around the world. 

Alli Caldeira, who is an Account Manager with RBC Wealth Management in Jersey, said: “I was of course thrilled to receive this award but it was made even more impactful by seeing first-hand what RBC in collaboration with Me to We has achieved was a life-changing experience. This award allows recipients to learn new ways of working from one another in different areas of the world, which we then can bring back to our local community.”

Kelly Burdett, who is an Executive Assistant with RBC Wealth Management in Guernsey added: “It’s easy to get wrapped up in your own life, but opportunities like this renew efforts to give back, whether it’s at home or abroad. Dedicating time to make a positive difference helps gain new experiences, connections and insight, which to me is the really valuable aspect of getting involved.”

The RBC Global Citizenship Award is part of RBC’s commitment to helping communities’ thrive and prosper.

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