Building & Development Committee

Building our future

Our aim is to support Members and the Island as a whole by ensuring that we retain a vibrant development and construction industry. We support and promote a local labour force that can deliver buildings and spaces of high quality as a benefit to residents and businesses across the Island.

We consult with governing bodies to assist in building a future that will balance the needs of commerce with our heritage and ultimately safeguard our island for the next generations.

Building & Development News

Meet our Chair


Cathy Elliott

Chair Building and Development Committee

Cathy has worked in the construction industry for over 25 years and is a qualified interior architect.

She is a director of Elliott Design Partnership which she founded together with Dion Elliott in 2005. The award winning company works in all aspects of interior architecture and design; from hospitality to health, retail and residential as well as full scale building re-purposing, refurbishment, new-build and building re-modelling.

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